David Stypmann

As collectors go, David Stypmann embodies the epitome of originality. And it’s no wonder. The bespectacled vice-president at ‘the real Maximillian’ and later the Fendi fur buyer at Henri Bendel, gave up couture to follow his true beckoned calling with a nudge from good friend Dawn Mello (of Bergdorf Goodman presidency), to set up shop – opening himself up to us, giving us a glimpse of his gloriously eclectic world.

But he didn’t entirely give up fashion. That eye for beauty and quality now transferred to distinctive objects, Stypmann looks for things with clean lines — no floral froufrou here. His non-traditionalist discernment earns himself a label that is more Modernist than Antiquarian. His insatiable passion for crystal, mirrors, art, pottery and lighting deems Stypmann one of the top sources for inspiration in New York City.

A master of his profession and having been published many times in many magazines, Stypmann is often found talking with a customer or reading the paper in his gallery/shop at the Showplace on W.25th St, which is endearingly crammed with an indulgent collection of marvelous merchandise, and where avid collectors and decorators spend many rewarding hours perusing, time after time on each visit.

And Stypmann’s wares are vast and varied. From early-twentieth-century art pottery from England, France, Belgium, and the U.S, to Italian mirror masterpieces (the kind that are so mottled you can’t see yourself), to random items like assorted stools, ornate finials and lamps made from saved architectural elements to name a few, Stypmann’s distinct perspicacity for each inimitable item as only he can identify, explains why his store is frequented by stylists, celebrities, interior designers and architects alike, scoring remarkable pieces of style and character.